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Cali Life Vehicle Wraps in Orange County

Orange County Vehicle Wraps

orange-county-vehicle_magnets-Orange-county-vehicle-wrapsCali Life Vehicle Wraps offers vehicle graphics, decals and magnetic vehicle signs as an alternative to a complete vehicle wrap. The result can be just as effective, and meets the quality and longevity of a complete vehicle wrap.

Orange County Vehicle graphics typically take up only a portion of the car, and can range from just the back window, to applying digitally printed vinyl to 3 quarters of the vehicle. We are also able to contour cut the vinyl in even the most complex shapes to give your vehicle a point of difference. The process of printing and applying vehicle graphics is the same as a complete vehicle wrap, even though it is only taking up a portion of the vehicle.

Magnetic Signs
Vehicle magnetic signs are a great option if you are looking for an interchange signage solution for your advertising requirements. Our magnetic signs are custom made to size and shape, however they are typically rectangular and fit within the boundaries of a vehicle door. They are digitally printed, and often laminated in a UV resistant film for longevity. Vehicle magnetic signs are .8mm thick and fixate to the metal on the duco of a vehicle. They are easy to apply and take off, however are strong enough to stay fixated to the door during travel.